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The LoveSmart Course

Every individual sets out to find happiness and success with their special partner.

LoveSmart teaches the skills needed to love wholeheartedly. The best love can be!

How It Helps

My name is David Church, founder of LoveSmart. I know and teach how we can each transform our love-lives by learning a set of skills that apply to all relationships. These skills are most transformative when practiced in our most intimate relationships.


I am excited to teach you a set of skills you can use every day to improve your relationships with yourself, your intimate partner and with everyone you know.  Over a few short weeks, these skills become new habits, available to serve you for life.

Become LoveSmart, and change your world with love. 


Join LoveSmart's free Learning Community on Discord

You are welcome to visit and participate freely in LoveSmart's on-line learning community through Discord.

LoveSmart's on-line server offers visitors a series of free videos that introduce you to the skills of self-love, friendship and co-creation.


Join our community members in a moderated discussion of how these lessons are changing the lives and relationships of LoveSmart participants.

Who It Helps

LoveSmart is for you if you want to learn how to:

  • Strengthen your love for yourself as a unique being

  • Lay a foundation for a trust-worthy love relationship

  • Enhance personal success in all of your relationships

  • Realize your unique potential in life and love 

  • Discover for yourself the transformative power of love

LoveSmart is an inclusive program that welcomes everyone. You may participate as an individual or with a learning partner. Your LoveSmart learning partner may be a spouse, romantic prospect, friend, family member, business partner, or study buddy. 

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Lesson 1:
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