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Meet the LoveSmart Team

David Church Founder

David has over 30 years experience as a professional coach, expert facilitator and management consultant who designs and leads processes to promote positive change in individuals, organizations and communities.


He earned a Masters of Arts degree in Human Systems Intervention (2005) from Montreal’s Concordia University, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Providence College, and a diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College.

LoveSmart empowers individuals and couples by teaching them to use and apply the state-of-the-art personal development tools created by OneSmartWorld.  


OneSmartWorld created the Four Dimensions Inventory profile
(or 4D-i), which LoveSmart makes available to all participants. Thsi insightful profile is the foundation for sharing the 12 skills of LoveSmart relationships. 
The team at OneSmartWorld are enthusiastic supporters of LoveSmart.

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Join our team: Become A LoveSmart Coach

Want to help others and enjoy a fulfilling career? Join the LoveSmart team and become a Certified LoveSmart Relationship Skills Coach. 

Your journey to become a LoveSmart Coach begins when you join as a LoveSmart participant. As you master the skills of self-love, friendship and co-creation, you also equip yourself with the knowledge and personal experiences essential to success as a Coach. 

LoveSmart founder David Church personally mentors each LoveSmart coach to ensure that their practice fully reflects the values and skills of the program. Successful coach graduates are empowered to integrate LoveSmart coaching into their individual practices as helping professionals. 

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