The complete LoveSmart learning experience is available to you on-line at your convenience. Start whenever you are ready. Learn in privacy while experiencing being part of a caring community. The help of a certified coach is there for you when you need it. 


LoveSmart is next being taught beginning on Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 5 pm PST. Each lesson is taught  live from the Peace Centre in Kelowna, BC, in association with the Centre for Spiritual Living. Area residents are encouraged to register and attend in person. Guests and friends are welcome (as long as we have room!)

LoveSmart 1:
Tools for Life

 LoveSmart 1 equips you with a set of tools that empower you to increase your mental self-mastery and personal effectiveness in all aspects of your life.


LoveSmart 1 includes:


□ LoveSmart 1 Introduction: Tools for Life

□ Tool 1: Your personalized LoveSmart profile, with video tutorial

□ Tool 2: Re-tooling Your Life
Planning tools for reshaping your profile
with video tutorial


..............................  $222.00 (plus tax)


LoveSmart 2: 
Skills for Love

LoveSmart 2 empowers you with a set of skills you use every day to cultivate success and happiness in all your relationships.

LoveSmart 2 includes:


□ LoveSmart 2 Introduction: Skills for Love

□ The 12 LoveSmart Lessons:
weekly video tutorials

□ A comprehensive 130 page participant workbook

□ LoveSmarter Review identifies areas for further skill development

□ Coaching available from a certified LoveCoach



..............................  $222.00 (plus tax)


LoveSmart at Summerhill