LoveSmart Launches at Summerhill Pyramid Winery!

On Valentine's Day, the universal day of "love" and on the morning of a full moon, LoveSmart launched at the spectacular Summerhill Winery in Kelowna, BC. The day began with live music provided by local acoustic duo "Smitten!" and the guests were treated to a fabulous organic lunch.

Founder David Church spoke eloquently to the crowd which included couples, relationship counsellors and alumni of the LoveSmart beta course. He provided an outline of the course, a summary of the 12 lessons and spoke about the value the LoveSmart program would bring to coaches of all types. The Q&A period after the event demonstrated how excited everyone was that a course of this depth is now available in Canada.

The spectacular venue, combined with the beautiful sunny day and the warm atmosphere of the participants made for a most memorable event.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

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