How to Make Your Life LoveSmart

LoveSmart empowers you with the tools and teaching you need to learn the 12 skills essential for success and happiness in all of your relationships, especially in your love-life.

“We all want better relationships. LoveSmart teaches people the skills they need to be happier and more successful in all their relationships, and especially in their love life.”

- Founder, David Church


Through LoveSmart, you will learn a set of practical skills you can use each day with your partner to bring more satisfaction to every moment of life and more love to your relationship. Each week over the 12 week period, you learn to practice one of the 12 relationship skills. 


As a LoveSmart participant, you will receive exclusive access to the world's best on-line tools for understanding how you prefer to use your total intelligence. These tools will provide you with new awareness and insight into yourself and will support your learning at every stage of the LoveSmart process.


To enhance your transformation process, you can also access the confidential services of a certified LoveSmart relationship coach. Your coach can provide insights on how to shift from old habits to new behaviors as you master the 12 essential skills of LoveSmart.

A new appreciation for who YOU are....

Start with a whole new way of appreciating the unique person that you are. Answer a set of simple questions online in the privacy of your home and you will immediately be rewarded with an insightful 30-page profile of your personal preferences. This profile reveals how you prefer to behave in daily life, and in your relationships.


 This profile becomes your passport through the 12 weekly lessons of LoveSmart. Sharing your profile with a partner (or potential partner) will quickly generate profound insights into how you tend to relate. You get an immediate picture of each other's patterns of thinking and feeling - a great place to start!


LoveSmart equips you with a powerful suite of human development tools developed by OneSmartWorld. 

Practice these 12 skills to create happy, successful relationships!

The first four weeks focus on loving yourself:


1. I Commit Wholeheartedly

2. I Know and Love Myself 

3. I Cultivate Compassion 

4. I Nurture Myself


The middle four weeks instill interactive skills:


5. We Practice Positivity

6. We Learn To Be Our Best

7. We Enlighten Our Shadow Selves

8. We Choose Loving Mindsets


The last four weeks introduce the elevating skills:

9. We Co-create Our Future 

10. We Set and Achieve Goals

11. We Share Responsibility 

12. We Practice Forgiveness

"I knew I needed to change my way of thinking so I could save my relationship with the woman I love. Thanks to LoveSmart̄, we have transformed our relationship and found the love we both wanted. I'm grateful to have found this program, and I wish for you the same blessings."


Richard, LoveSmart Graduate